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Austin’s Undocumented Day Laborers

Each day, dozens of undocumented men show up at the Home Depot at the intersection of Interstate 35 and Woodward Street in Austin, Texas. For years now, this store has become a commonplace where day laborers go in hopes of finding jobs.

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Emblem of Freedom – TPWD magazine

Despite their feeding habits, bald eagles are graceful and fascinating creatures. At 5 years old, these birds seek a lifelong partner by performing courtship calls and aerial displays, including a cartwheel maneuver known as the death spiral. The spectacle begins at a high altitude as the eagles lock their talons while tumbling down, breaking apart just before hitting the ground. The dangerous display exhibits the fitness levels of the eagles, a factor in choosing a partner.

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The Savory Secrets of Mexican Food Lie Within the Ingredients

Growing up it was rare for my family to go out to eat. However, when we did we would stay away from restaurants that claimed to serve Mexican food unless family friends recommended it. At first, I did not really understand why, but as I grew older and began going out to eat with my friends I realized that I would rather eat the delicious and savory meals my mom prepared than eat at wannabe and overpriced “Mexican” restaurants.

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