We can all use some Grouplove

On Saturday, Nov. 19, Grouplove took the outdoor stage at Stubb’s Austin for the second night in a row to conclude the first leg of their Big Mess tour. The indie-rock band from Los Angeles began the tour shortly after the release of their third album, Big Mess, on Sept. 9, 2016.

After nonstop touring for their last album, Spreading Rumours, the quintet took some time off to reconnect with themselves, each other and their music. During that time, vocalists Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi had their first baby, Willa. As the two began to raise their child they found inspiration in what it means to be a parent and what growing up in this big mess of a world would mean for Willa. Songs from their new album such as Welcome To Your Life, Enlighten Me and Traumatized express their feelings and serve as assurance that although the world can at times be a little hard it also holds beauty and has the potential of being one’s fantasy.

Following the election many people were left anxious about the state of the country and what a Trump presidency would mean not only for them but for their loved ones. A big mess seems like an accurate way to describe how some people across the country are feeling. However, the outcome of the election has brought people together through a variety of means whether it be through conversation, protest or singing at the top of one’s lungs at a Grouplove concert.

Fan, Elisa Cano, said that Grouplove is not only her favorite band but her dads as well. As a Mexican-American she finds comfort in their songs which assure her that things will soon look up.

“It’s a really shitty situation, especially when you’re a young adult and sometimes you feel like everyone is out to get you or that nobody gets you but then you go to stuff like this and you realize that there are people like you and you’re not alone. I think it’s really important to share love in times like these and let others know you care,” Cano said.

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